Weather Station Monitoring System
Important Features

  • Solar Panel provides power source to GS102/GS202 GPRS Data Logger
  • Data Logger captures and logs the readings into its internal memory
  • Data Logger uploads the data into central server once a day to save power
  • Data will be analyzed for environmental monitoring
  • More than 20 Sensors can be connected to data logger
  • It is integrated with GPRS Data Logger, Solar Panel Controller, Battery for long period operation in rural location.
  • It provides max. 12 analog channels connecting to sensors detecting environmental condition.


  • GPRS Data Logger [GS102/GS202]
  • Wind Speed/Direction Transducer
  • 2 x Temperature Sensors
  • 1 x Humidity Sensor
  • CO2, UV, Pressure Sensors

  • Temperature, Humidity, CO2, UV Sensors
  • Wind Speed Direction Transducer
  • Rain Gauge, Pressure Sensor


  • Solar Power GPRS Data Logger [GS102 / GS202]