Kreatit Design NMC Wireless Modem (Bindem)

If you’re like me, who is tired of Commercial Monitoring Centres(CMC) charging for every frivolous services that were once offered for free and have family and friends living stone throw away, Neighbourhood Monitoring Centre(NMC) device is the perfect solution.

With NMC wireless modem, my family and neighbours monitoring my home which I believe provide a better response time(‘appearance-time’) to my home if a sensor was to trigger or panic alert sent.

NMC server is use to give you the status of your home alarm and control of your smart-home devices.  It also have the option of giving you information on your neighbourhood.

  • Neighbourhood Monitoring Centre device provides you with, first and foremost, access and monitoring of your home alarm.  It also provide you with the option to participate in your neighbourhood watch in order to better secure your home and community
  • NMC doesn’t communicate via the archaic telephone line to send alert, it sends alert wirelessly and by internet. Upon power-up, CMC system automatically form a wireless self-healing mesh network with other homes within the neighbourhood.

  • If system hasn’t been deactivated within a user-specified time, an Bindalert message is broadcast to every neighbour within its network.

  • Broadcast messages are send to every home within the wireless modem radius, usually a 3km wide radius. There can be a maximum of 65535 homes within a network that is capable of receiving this wireless message. Imagine the possibilities of having thousands of vigilant eyes protecting your neighbourhood.

  • A NMC system is capable of functioning like a standard CMC.