satellite gps monitoring

Smart fleet cargo monitoring for small to medium size businesses

Why pay another business track your inventory or shipment when you can do it for yourself? Are you worried about your monthly fees or the cost of GPS tracking device? What if you can monitor your fleets, track your shipment or log your vehicle’s movement for as little as $0 per month.

Before I get to how you track your fleet for as little as $0 per month, let us touch on the various type of business that requires tracking and monitoring.

For any business that requires mobile real-time tracking, second-by-second monitoring, your monthly cost will not zero unless your vehicle travel in a wifi area.
Snow Plow business might need to monitor/log their vehicles routes but don’t want to incur any monitoring charges. Probably automobile owners are complaining your snow plows are damaging their car. With GPS tracker you can log the snow plow’s position minute-by-minute location, speed, and alerts status such as snow plow’s collision, plow fails to go up or down, or snow plow travel beyond its define boundary.

Mobile business with on-board equipment such as water pumps, levers, temperature, rotary shafts, etc might need to monitor revolution per minute of a shaft, lever’s position, water flow rate or other mechanical part. With Kreatit Design fleet monitoring units, it is easy to wirelessly monitor these expensive equipment.

Is it important to receive minute-by-minute position and/or status of your vehicles? If the answer is not very important, then Kreatit GPS tracking is what you are looking for. These trackers have the option of not connecting to a GSM network which can cost hundreds of dollars per month. Instead of the GPS tracker reporting data to you via a GSM network, you can wirelessly connect to your GPS trackers to download a 30 days history of events for each vehicle. The wireless connection is limited but the monthly cost is $0.
In conclusion KDG27x GPS tracker in many mobile applications is a far more effective means of logging temperature, shaft’s speed, lever’s position, and other mechanic sensors than a man with a clip board or expensive monthly cost for monitoring your fleets. You don’t necessary need to pay monthly charges to monitor your mobile equipment.