GPS Tracker with built-in Temperature Sensor [KDG27s]

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GPS Fleet Tracket [KDG27S]

GPS Tracker with built-in Temperature Sensor

1 analog input + 1 temperature sensor built‐in

Tracking vehicle status

Tracking surrounding status e.g. Temperature

Alert Input (DI): 4

Panic Button: 1

Pulse Input (PS): 0

Relay Output (DO): 2

AD Channel (AD): 1

Temperature Sensor: 1 x Submersible [ -55 – 125°C ]


Operating Temp: ‐30˚C ~ +70˚C

Standby Temp: ‐50˚C ~ +80˚C

Power Input: DC 9 ~ 24V (recommended DC12V)

Rating: 55mA @12VDC, max. 0.2W

Enclosure: PVC or Zinc Metal Case

Dimension: 100 x 60 x 18 mm

Weight: 92 g


Recharge Time: 2 hours Full Charge

Battery Backup: 15~20 hours

Over speed alertAutomatically send alerts when driving speed exceeds user defined speedPosition LockAutomatically send alerts when the vehicle is moved apart from its parking positionFencing In (min. 0.18m), multiple pointsAlert (SMS/Dial/GPRS) when moving into security zone

Fencing Out (min. 0.18m), multiple points

Alert (SMS/Dial/GPRS) when moving out of security zone

Panic Button

Emergency report with position information for both personal and vehicle alarm

Idle time monitoring

An early warning security feature when vehicle is idle longer than predefined period

Alarm Dry Contact

External alarm detecting devices e.g. shock detector, triggered air bag

Analog Input High or Low Alarm

External sensor devices e.g. temperature transducer alerts user with GPS data