4.3-inch DWIN serial screen Mini DGUS Module [48270M043_06W]

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Intelligent Serial Touch Screen Display

  -> no clock interface replacement

Our TFT modules with UART interface for consumer, educational and industrial applications in harsh environments are perfectly suited for easy deployment in your business or any devices . With the DWIN software and set of unified commands you are on your way to complex design nowhere else in the world.

  • True 24 bit color will give your design bright and brilliant color contrast.
  • If you can design screens using Photoshop or any imaging software, you can start using this display.
  • High quality materials and accurate layout improve stability even in critical conditions
  • The core of the device is the processor k600+ enclosed in a metal case; the entire board is covered with three layers of protective paint
  • Anti-vibration and shock absorption design to improve the mechanical hardness
  • Easy to upgrade industrial machine by adding touch screen user interface and remote monitoring and control

These TFT displays are available wide range of size: from 3.5″ up to 15″ in standard, low cost, industrial, HD and rugged types.

Using the DGUS software development you will have the possibility to easily build graphical user interfaces that best meet your applications, directly from the PC.
With a few steps you can start a new project, configure hardware parameters, insert background images, complete it with buttons, sliders, fonts, etc … and apply the functions related to each object.

The structure of the interface will be saved on your SD card and transferred to the TFT ready to work.



The DGUS platform now natively supports the MODBUS / RTU (Master) protocol. Ideal for industrial applications and communication with PLCs.

With the new firmware the standard DGUS protocol is disabled and replaced by the MODBUS protocol, keeping all other platform features. The protocol is configured in the HMI itself, supporting up to 1024 variations of commands 0x01 to 0x07, and 0x0F, 0x10 and 0x11, which can be configured for continuous sending or the push of a button.

Models of HMIs supporting  firmware DGUS can be updated with DGUS_MODBUS.


Ask the firmware  to our team.

About MiniDGUS
Mini DGUS LCM is a low-cost module with DGUS firmware pre-installed, with the same development method as the other DGUS LCM. Due to its smaller dimensions than other series, the new Mini module offers more versatility in installation in equipment that requires space optimization.
Launched in November 2012, the module is designed to meet the demands of low cost and low noise environments.
The differences between MiniDGUS and DGUS are listed below:
  • Low cost ARM MCU application with low power consumption;
  • Memory space from 256MB to 128MB;
  • Variable space from 56KB to 4KB;
  • Number of curves buffer from 8 to 2.
In this version some functions have been excluded, among them the CRC Checksum, firmware update using SD card, user-defined baud rate, Firmware Parameter Config setting. Setting, Timer Variable and DWIN OS.

Terminal Assistant

About Terminal Assistant

Terminal Assistant

DWIN Technology’s GUI GUI development software is designed to give you more control over some tools. The focus is on prioritizing the creation of development codes while reducing the development of secondary codes. This allows for greater adaptation and freedom according to the user’s interest.

Terminal Assistant enables the development of accurate algorithms that are not lost in large-scale application. During the development of the project it is already possible for the user to simulate the visualization of the commands in the display, through the log file feature.

An important feature of this GUI development software is the possibility of parallel processes. Not only can the design of the interface as well as the algorithm be developed separately, using the touch mapping feature by keycode.

What is DGUS?

DGUS (Dwin Graphical User Software) is a set of  software to design interface and  firmware for K600 + nuclei, created by Dwin Technology. The HMIs with  firmware DGUS are easily configurable because the software uses visual programming, eliminating the need for writing code.


Through simple operations on the DGUS platform, splendid effects are achieved quickly and easily according to user priorities and settings. Modifications to the display format can be made during the processes. The DGUS user has functions that include displaying the RTC, incrementing / decrementing values, zooming in / out on curves, drawing charts, and tables. In addition to the automatic recycling of movement of icons / images without involving the code of the MCU. The refresh response is fast (≤80ms) and no verification of the serial port conditions is required.

DGUS v4.9 converts the image format and supports animation and image effects, contains fonts, icon libraries and images (224Mb / 2016Mb) available for user selection. The number of touch buttons has no limits and you can use up to 64 variables per page. The display programming only requires an SD card (configured in FAT32), which contains the project. The data transfer is done quickly: you only have to insert the SD card in the display and it will automatically archive the project. The card can now be removed from the display.


Basic Structure DGUS

The DGUS is composed of 3 main memory spaces:

FLASH – Stores background images, fonts, and configuration files

Control registers – Stores and changes brightness settings, buzzer activation, etc.

RAM – Stores the values of the variables (numeric values, texts, etc.)



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