Touch Screen HMI

Upgrade your equipment with our Intelligent Smart Touch Screen LCD.  Our LCD are easy to program and involve no programming code – just simple design your image and with your included software you’re almost done.  Kreatit Design experience team of engineer are here to assist you.

Start upgrading your equipment GUI by trying-out our touch screen modules. Design application/devices with our smart display. Serial(RS232/UART) interface make upgrading to touch screen easy New! Firmware DGUS 6.3 + MODBUS MODBUS / RTU protocol natively implemented in the HMI (Master). Ideal for industrial applications and communication with PLCs. Integrated Controller Intelligent Module with Serial UART communication, compatible with most microcontrollers. Only 5 commands. Integrated touchscreen and visual programming. HMI Touchscreen The intelligent DGUS programming system is a visual programming tool that allows the creation of a high level graphic interface, with the control of variables, icons, animations and mapping of the touchscreen. Color Display from 3.5 “to 18.5” – 16.7M and 65k colors – Touch screen – Serial UART Communication – TTL / CMOS & RS232 – RTC & Buzzer

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