Power Monitoring For Water Pump Station
Important Features

  • AC Transducer measures the voltage/current/power output of power source
  • Data Logger captures and logs the readings into its internal memory
  • Data Logger uploads the data into central server, and stores into database
  • Data will be analyzed to ensure the stable power and continuous pump operation
  • Temperature Sensors checking the pump engine can be connected to data logger


By keep tracking of the power, voltage, current readings from power transducer via RS485, power condition of water pump is centrally and remotely monitored and analyzed.

* Modbus GPRS Data Logger [GS304, GS301, GS305, GS307, GS306]* Modbus Multi-parameter Transducer* Current Transducer* Voltage Transducer

* Power Transducer


  • Modbus GPRS Data Logger [GS304/GS301/GS305/GS307/GS306]
  • Multi-parameters AC Transducer
  • Temperature Sensors