Power Energy Efficiency System For Solar & Wind Turbine
Important Features

  • DC Transducer measures the solar panel voltage/current/power output
  • AC Transducer measures the DC/AC inverter voltage/current/power output
  • Data Logger captures and logs the readings into its internal memory
  • Data Logger uploads the data into central server, and stores into database
  • Data will be analyzed for calibration of solar power generating system
  • Temperature, Humidity, Solar Sensors can be connected to data logger
  • Huge number of sensors detecting the environmental condition and electricity generating equipment is necessary in a large scale power plant.
  • GPRS Data Logger supports 12AD channels in one single device.


  • Modbus GPRS Data Logger [GS303]
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • UV & Light Sensor
  • Current/Voltage/Power Transducer
  • Wind Speed/Direction Transducer
  • Displacement Transducer
Modbus Interface

  • Modbus GPRS Data Logger [GS303]
  • Multi-parameters DC Transducer[GS305]
  • Multi-parameters AC Transducer[GS301/GS304]


  • Modbus GPRS Data Logger GS303, GS307, GS301, GS305