Neighbourhood Monitoring Centres

The idea of neighbourhood watch where residents rely on each other to protect and monitor their home and community- Neighbourhood Monitoring Centre (NMC) devices works on the same principle of “I’m my brother’s keeper”.

The term NMC devices dated back approximately 2002 but not until 2008 recession it’s appeal broaden. The concept of NMC devices originated in tight niche crime stricken areas in the Americas. Unlike North America where both parents go to work – sometimes leaving an entire neighbourhood scanty for hours, South America/Caribbean, and southern Farm State usually have someone home which makes NMC device better suited for their community.

One of the secret to a safe neighbourhood is having vigilant neighbours or better yet intruder understand vigilante justice. NMC devices were designed for communities whose resident always have an eye out for unusual activities and wasn’t afraid to use it to protect their neighbours; however, with the prevalence of mobile devices, MNC devices has become less about self-justice and more about self-monitoring of homes and family security.

Earlier NMC devices were only capable of sending alerts to neighbours devices having similar communication protocols – such as Bindalert protocol . Today, Neighbourhood Monitoring Centre Alarm System have much more features:

  1. Remote monitoring of individual sensors

  2. Remote access to individual devices/appliance such as front door, garage door, lights, thermostat, cameras and etc.

  3. Select the neighbour(s) you want to monitor the status of your home.

  4. Monitoring fee is free but the option is available for NMC system to function as a standard CMC alarm monitoring system.  Why accumulate monthly expense for an ineffective service located ten of miles away?

  5. Options are available to neighbours to communicate with each other.

  6. Home automatically broadcast alert message whenever a specific sensor is triggered.

  7. Broadcast Panic Alert to neighbourhood within the same wireless channel.

  8. For neighbourhoods where violence is rampant and retaliation on informants are likely, sending a Non-Specific Alert(NSA) is necessary.

  9. All homes with Bindalert modem are automatically wirelessly meshed once the user/homeowner set-up that feature.  Wireless modem is self-healing meaning if a neighbour’s system is down, the neighbourhood network will operate faultlessly.

  10. A neighbour has the option to block another neighbour alerts or from monitoring them.

In conclusion, NMC devices wasn’t designed to replace your standard CMC alarm system but to reduce the frivolous spending on monthly monitoring fees which only gives us a false sense of security since the idea of voice threatening a burglar out of a home is laughable or security force showing up after intruder as long gone doesn’t protect your home. I didn’t tackle the reasons for home invasion because it’s beyond the scope of this article but one thing is for sure: harsher punishment doesn’t quench a potential criminal illegal desires.