Environmental Monitoring System For Gas, Fuel, Water, Fertilizer, Tank Level, etc.
Important Features

  • Water Level Transducer measures the water levelSolar Panel provides power source
  • SMS401, SMS402, SMS403, SMS404 are integrated with solar panel controller & rechargeable battery
  • SMS401, SMS402, SMS403, SMS404 “SMS Alert Controller” captures the sensor reading regularly
  • SMS401, SMS402, SMS403, SMS404 uploads the water level to mobile phone or central via SMS
  • It sends SMS alarm when water level is higher or lower than user preset value
  • SMS Alert Controller [SMS401, SMS402, SMS403, SMS404]
  • Internal solar panel controller & rechargeable batterySolar Panel
  • Water Level Transducer [pressure type – low power consumption]


  • It is integrated with SMS Alarm Messenger, Solar Panel Controller, Battery for long period operation in rural location.
  • It provides max. 2 analog channels connecting to level sensor detecting tank level.
  • The system reports the level and temperature on schedule, and alert users when level is higher or lower than preset value.

  • SMS Alert Controller [SMS401, SMS402, SMS403, SMS404]Solar Panel Controller & Battery
  • 1 x Water Level Sensor
  • optional 1 x Temperature Sensor


  • SMS101, SMS102, SMS103, SMS104
  • SMS201, SMS202, SMS203, SMS204
  • SMS301, SMS302, SMS303, SMS304
  • SMS401, SMS402, SMS403, SMS404
  • SMS501, SMS502, SMS503, SMS504, SMS505