Project Name: Radiation Dosimeters
Microcontroller Used: Microchip PIC low power microcontrollers
Technologies/Protocols Used: Low power design, USB
End User: Department of Atomic Energy
Description: This personnel monitoring devices are used to measure radiation received by a person. It gives status and alarm for various radiation conditions. These are low power devices working with AA batteries or lithium ion cell batteries. Typical life is from 1month to 14 months.

Project Name: Centralized Air Conditioning System Controller
Microcontroller Used: MSP430
Technologies/Protocols Used: RS485
End User: Voltas
Description: This project endeavors to make a control system for both indoor and outdoor centralized air conditioning units.

Project Name: Weighing Scale based Controller and Data acquisition system
Microcontroller Used: ARM7TDMi
Technologies/Protocols Used: USB, Ethernet
Description: The project was to design a multipurpose development board for a multinational company into weighing technologies. This development board is now being used as the motherboard for all their products.