Data loggers are device used that record and measure analog and / or digital inputs from sensors or other instruments from a remote location or accessible/local data logger. Typically these sensors will measure contact switch, magnetic switch, and environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, level, wind speed, wind direction, and many other physical properties.
Most remote data logger function as local accessible data logger since you can also interface with it via USB and/or RS232 serial port. Remote data upload is possible via Ethernet, SMS, and GPRS. Today’s wireless data logger comes with any combination of uploading method or all 3 methods.

Small compact high efficiency battery powered data logger for use in remote locations or in application where low power long operational lifetime, weight and available space are critical factor in such device as weather station, gas and pipelines.

High Multi-Channel Multi-Purpose data logger, usually AC powered with backup DC power source to store large amounts of data from many external sensors and inputs.

Most types of data logger come with custom software to manually and/or automatically download data to a PC, show the results in graph and table format, and export data to Excel, Access, and SQL, MySQL, Oracle and other database applications. The proprietary software is also used to program the data logger for sample rate, and logging duration. Data is usually downloaded directly from the data logger to the PC or alerts send from data logger to smartphone. However with many types of data logger data download can also be achieved remotely using Ethernet, low power radio, GSM, GPRS or telephone lines. Some data logger models also publish their data direct to websites.

Kreatit Design has been actively involved in the data logger monitoring market for more than 11 years and has supplied all data logger types for a vast range of applications. They include:

BindAlert for use in homes, businesses, and cottages. Kreatit Design line of BindAlert uses data logging features to monitoring individual sensors and control devices to replace the old outdated security alarm. In fact, Kreatit Design new BindAlert now transmit alerts via wireless modem along with the usual method (email and internet) of sending alerts to monitoring centers, home owners, and neighbours.

Fleet/Vehicle trackers are now equipped with sensor to monitor numerous devices which include features such as revolutions/minute, fuel pump meter, environmental monitoring, and other features.

For weather station, consider a DC power source with backup battery having a lifetime operation of at least 2 years. The type of enclosure is important to the environment. Keep in mind metal, aluminum, IP67, IP65, IP68, and others. These entire features should be taken into consideration along with solar power or DC power source.

In conclusion a data logger in many applications is a far more effective means of recording measurements and activity than a man with a clip board or traditional recording instruments such as chart recorders.