This involved developing a full turnkey solution from idea or specification to final product. The final product include fully tested and functioning device, enclosure, user manual, product approval (FCC, CSA, UL, etc), and technical support infrastructure.

Before the details of our clients idea or specification are exchange, we usually signed a confidental non-disclosure agreement. A client’s design is paramount.

Clients provide us with the design specification or the basic design idea.

  • We then take this idea and transfer it to hardware/software specifications.
  • Use these specifications to conduct a feasibility assesment/test.
  • If the idea/specification is feasible, we take these specs to ‘Research & Development’ department otherwise we suggest the most suitable specification with your approval. We continue proposing new specifications until you approve them.
  • In ‘Research & Development’ department, we select the most optimum processor/microcontroller, memory size, components and programming language.
  • The design then move to ‘Hardware & Software Interaction’. This is where we implement how teh software will interact with the hardware.
  • Wiring and testing are in conjunction with writing subroutines and firmware testing.
  • We then design the complete schematics, PCB Layout, and Component Procurement.
  • Verify that all electrical and regulatory approval specifications have been met.
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Prototype assemble & testing
  • Preform any hardware and firmware modification, if necessary.
  • Enclosure design and creating documents/manual.
  • Obtain Regulatory Approval, if necessary.
  • Turn design over to YOU.

What is require to complete a ‘Turnkey’ Project:
Concept or specifications

Prototype with a functioning firmware, regulatory approval, and enclosure