With component supply chains becoming more global, Kreatit is poised to simplify the procurement process for our clients by working together with our India procurement team we are able to better access component supplies from both Europe, Asia and North America to shorten component lead-times for our you. Kreatit uses a network of suppliers world wide and will purchase all part for any device.

With our collective number of engineers from every corner of the world we are able to achieve our goal of acquiring the best components at the most reasonable cost in quick lead time. With years of international procurement experiences, we can guarantee quick lead time.

We take the time to communicate with our clients a regarding any end-of-life and parts allocation scenarios, as well as long lead itmes and any neccessary substitution. ss ith our good supply chain management experience, we have direct components suppliers in Asia, we are able to provide a long-term commitment to our customers with product availability and the lowest price at all times.

What is require to securing the most suitable components:
Bill of Material (BOM)

Various venders with the best price, lead time, and components availability