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Wireless Remote Monitoring Data Loggers

In today’s world, wireless data logger has become an essential part in weather station monitoring, solar & wind turbine power efficiency data monitoring, high performance SMS data collection center, water pump power monitoring station, water meter data recording, power consumption & efficiency monitoring, heater/boiler/cold storage temperature control data acquisition, environmental monitoring of gas, fuel, water, fertilizer’s tank level, etc monitoring, and fleet & mobile business monitoring.
It’s becoming so easy to stay from your home, office, tablet, or smartphone to monitor all the sensors connected to wireless data loggers. You are to monitoring temperature, humidity, water flow, fluid pumps, soil moisture, power consumption, and many more application that requires sensors.
Data logger are used in various applications. They include:
Security Alarm Systems such as Commercial Monitoring Centre (CMC) Alarm System and Neighborhood Monitoring Centre (NMC) Alarm System are the most common data logger even-though some don’t consider it belonging to this group.   Bindalert, belonging to NMC group, is definitely a data logger with all features of a Smart-home device and non of the traditional alarm system.  Bindalert Devices for use in homes, businesses, and cottages are now capable of logging over 100 alerts with internet capabilities. Bindalerts message are send out to all neighbors whenever an alarm is triggered. New line of Bindalert uses data logging features to monitoring individual sensors and control devices to replace the old outdated security alarm. In fact, these new Bindalert now transmit alerts via wireless modem along with the usual method (email and internet) of sending alerts to monitoring centers, home owners, and neighbors.
Fleet/Vehicle trackers are now equipped with sensor to monitor numerous devices which include features such as revolutions/minute, fuel pump meter, environmental monitoring, and other features. Click here for more information.
Need to monitor your greenhouse while away, try GPRS data logger. GPRS data logger comes with temperature, humidity, fuel pump, soil and moisture sensors along with UV and CO2 sensors to easily monitor and water your plants.
SMS Data Logger are best used for data centres to monitor and control groups of sensors.
For monitoring climate changes and environment conditions, a low power with solar power panels  is best suited for measure temperature, humidity, rain fall, wind speed, wind direction, etc.