ac-data-logger-application This series is designed to provide max. 14 temperature sensor channels.It supports 8 digital temperature sensors and 6 analog temperature sensors.Its analog channels can be connected to other 4~20mA input devices e.g. level or pressure sensors.Application References:

1. Boilers or Heaters

2. Water, Oil or Chemical Tanks

3. Industrial Machinery System

4. Water Flow Temperature Monitoring

5. Food or Pharmacy Processing

6. Cold Food Chain

7. Freezers or Storages Temperature Monitoring

MODEL: GS101, GS100, GS108, GS103, GS107, GS104,

> AC/DC power with UPS> Internal rechargeable battery * AC 90~240V Power Input* DC 7 ~ 15V Power Input* Internal 5VDC Output for Temperature Sensors

– max. 6 AD channels

– max. 6 Pulse Channels

– max. 10 Digital Alarm Inputs

– max. 4 Relay Control Outputs

– max. 8 Digital Temperature Sensors

– max. 1 Digital Humidity Sensors

* log one data record every 1 minute max.

* upload one data records every 5 seconds max.

* support GPRS and SMS data transmission

* support UPD and TCP protocols

* supports Live Data and Packet Data

* max. 4MB internal logging memory

* max. 30000 logging records

* each record keeps 8~14 temperature readings

* support local RS232 port data delivery